Sunday, October 21, 2012

Facebook May Not be so Great After All

When Facebook first came out, everyone was talking about it and everyone was in on it. Then businesses caught up and found that Facebook was a great way to reach out to their customers or tap markets that they did not have access to before. At present, almost all businesses have a Facebook fan page. But did you know that Facebook might not be so effective when it comes to customer engagement? About only 6% of your fans actually engage with your brand. This is done through likes and comments, sometimes by answering questions. This news is according to Napkin Labs, a Facebook app developer.

But don’t blame Facebook just yet. The problem might be on your side. The quality of followers that you have may be the problem. If you’re gaining a lot of likes through contests, chances are most of those fans are only there for the prize. Most of them don’t really care about your products and won’t probably purchase. Learn to segregate your fans by posting quality content. If they are interested in what you have to say, chances are they are really interested about your brand and your products. If you have a million fans, how many actually join your conversations? Napkin Labs says that brands that have a million fans are likely to have less than 60% engagement from fans.

Another thing to look into is your response time. There are some brands that have active fans but they tend to be unresponsive. If your customer queries are left unanswered, your fans will likely be frustrated and will no longer engage with your brand.

So what should you do to make your Facebook fan page work? Be devoted. First, you must open your wall to your fans. Let them share their experiences, opinions, questions, etc. about your brand. Just make sure that someone is monitoring your page to avoid trashy comments. Second, answer them on time. Don’t reply to a post after 2 days! Respect your customers and they will respect you.

Learn to use Facebook well and it will reward you with a lot of valuable customers and information.

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