Monday, October 22, 2012

Got a 404? Make it Rock!

Everyone hates those 404 pages. You know, the ones telling you that you visited a page that does not exist. In an ideal world, no website should have a 404 but there are instances wherein a 404 is unavoidable. So, what can you do? Make it rock!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Facebook May Not be so Great After All

When Facebook first came out, everyone was talking about it and everyone was in on it. Then businesses caught up and found that Facebook was a great way to reach out to their customers or tap markets that they did not have access to before. At present, almost all businesses have a Facebook fan page. But did you know that Facebook might not be so effective when it comes to customer engagement? About only 6% of your fans actually engage with your brand. This is done through likes and comments, sometimes by answering questions. This news is according to Napkin Labs, a Facebook app developer.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Apple is Tracking You

Image from Wikipedia

So the iPhone 5 hit the market last September. It came with a lot of great features that Apple aficionados are happy about. If you’re an iPhone 5 user, did you know that its new operating system, the iOS 6, is equipped with a tracking technology? This allows advertisers to target you and bombard you with ads.

Make the Most Visited Page of Your Website Stand Out

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What is the most visited page in your website? Aside from your front page, it’s probably your About Us page. Have you ever analyzed this page? How long has it been since you revamped this page? You might be missing out on a lot of opportunities to make your clients stay and browse your site.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Populating an existing excel table from a datatable using ClosedXML

There is a better way of creating excel 2007/2010 reports in .net. Rather than using OpenXML use ClosedXML. Coding is a lot faster with ClosedXML. Below is an example on how to populate an existing excel table from a datatable.